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The last three semesters have been cake, but this semester I slipped up and let myself be too lazy. I'm worried about a couple of my classes. I have basically lost my perfect 4.0. I can't believe I let myself slip that bad. I need to buckle down and stop being a lazy procrastinator. So mad at myself. Hopefully I'll end the semester with at least a B in all of my classes though. I'm so worried about whether or not I'll get into UT. I have got to get out of this city though. Nearly everyone who graduates college here never leaves.

I met a guy in one of my classes and we click so well. We stand around and talk for nearly an hour after class every day. I'm not sure whether it's going anywhere other than just friendship, but it's nice to have someone to talk to. I love most of the girls at my new job too. I'm sad that Dorian didn't come to our new store though. I'm excited that Terrin is going to invite us all to her wedding though. I'll have to get a pretty dress.

I feel like my friendship with Sarah is pretty much over. She hasn't initiated a conversation with me in over a month. She says she thinks that "good friendships are the kind where you can go long periods of time without talking or seeing each other and pick up where you left off". I think that's crap. Yeah, I'd agree with that if you lived a long distance from someone, but I don't agree with the talking part. There are cell phones and email and facebook and everything else. There is no reason not to talk to someone if you consider them a friend. Besides we live like ten minutes away from each other and we go to the same school. If you give a fuck about me, you can pick up your phone and call me or text me. I'm tired of it being a one-sided friendship. I guess we'll see what happens but I'm tired of going out of my way to keep our friendship alive if she's not willing to put some effort in herself.

I have to get knee surgery to fix my messed up knee this summer. I'm hoping I heal quickly and I hope it doesn't have to be redone in a few years. I'm going to try to start biking regularly to build up strength in my muscles to prevent my kneecap from popping out of place like it does now. Hopefully it'll keep this from happening to my other leg.

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